• Gemstone Library: Lovely Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli is a vibrant blue gemstone treasured for its deep, rich color. It is not a pure mineral, but rather a rock composed of varying proportions of minerals; lazurite, sodalite, hauyne, calcite, and pyrite. It is primarily the result of contact metamorphism of certain limestones and is found in large deposits at a few locations in the world. The main historical mining site has always been in Northern Afghanistan. Secondary deposits may be found in Siberia, Canada, and Chile, where the material is generally lower grade.
  • Early Jewelry Designs: My First Persian Chain Maille Piece

    I made this Persian Chain Maille necklace featuring stainless steel rings and a fine silver Hill Tribe toggle clasp in 2014.
  • The Magic of Daniel Espinosa, Jewelry Designer

    Taxco, Mexico is renowned for its magnificent colonial architecture, narrow cobbled streets, and for being the hometown of jewelry designer, Daniel Espinosa. Since launching his company in 1989, Espinosa has attained star status in Latin America and become the most celebrated Latino jewelry designer in the world. His jewelry design empire employs 350 artisans who produce over 10,000 pieces monthly. Super-trendy Daniel Espinosa boutiques are popping up everywhere from Puerto Vallarta to Europe, Asia, and Canada.

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