Brass, copper, and sterling silver jewelry naturally oxidize over time, developing a beautiful, richly hued patina that is prized by some collectors.. 

You can restore your jewelry piece's original color and shine by regularly using a soft cloth such as a microfiber polishing cloth, or a cloth specifically made for polishing jewelry such as a Sunshine polishing cloth.

There are several all-natural, non-toxic methods to remove tarnish and restore shine. Our favorite for brass and copper is ketchup. It's readily available and in less than one minute, your jewelry looks like new, and brass gleams like real gold! Simply place your jewelry pieces in a bowl and add a couple of squirts of ketchup. Let sit for a bit, then rinse thoroughly under warm running water to remove the ketchup. Dry the piece thoroughly with paper towels and place on a dry paper towel to further air dry, then buff with a jewelry cloth. Another method is to use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar with almost immediate results. 

Whichever jewelry cleaning method you choose, rinse and dry the piece thoroughly. Never use bleach, ammonia, alcohol or acetone to clean your jewelry. And be careful of any gemstones in the jewelry since many can be adversely affected even by natural polishes.

When wearing brass or silver jewelry directly on the skin as in bracelets or pendant necklaces, normal oxidation can result in a temporary, non-toxic greenish or blackish stain on the skin that is easily washed off with soap and water. Any metal jewelry we make is coated multiple times with Renaissance Wax to preserve the finish and help prevent tarnish as well as this unattractive stain.

Apply perfumes, hair sprays, and creams or lotions before donning your jewelry and when not wearing your jewelry, it is best to store it in a cool, dry place or in small plastic or cloth bag to minimize exposure to oxidation-causing air and humidity. Your SD jewelry arrives in a little black satin bag that is perfect for storage.